Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Quilled 3D Ganesha -the beginning !!

I have been quillling on and off , but this specific project of mine is close to my heart, my little Quilled Ganesha / Pillayar.  Lord Ganesha is often considered as the remover of obstacles and a Lord of Success . 

Quilled Ganesha/Pillayar - 3 D
I browsed for Quilled 3D Ganesha . Thank you folks for the amazing Ganesha collections :-) which inspired me to create one for me too.. I bumped onto a clay idol image of Lord Ganesha on the internet which transformed into this cute Quilled Ganesh. I gifted this to my brother to keep on his worktable.

Materials used :

5mm Paper strips - Red, Yellow

3mm Paper strips - Red 

Embellishments - Golden color bead string ,White Round pearl ,Rhinestones in Yellow,Blue,Red and Purple

Fabric glue and Slotted Quilling tool

Pl pour in your comments/ feedback. 

Thank you . Have a great day .


  1. Aishwarya, lovely Ganesha. I would love to see your other creations too. Keep quilling and blogging.

  2. Thanks for the quilled Ganesha! I am the proud owner of this little Appu now :)

  3. This Ganesha is now showering his blessings from my Pooja room! :)