Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A Happy note :-)

This is a Wedding Anniversary card I made for my parents. I recycled the thick sheets that was lying around in my stash as the card base. I used red handmade paper and glued it to the base card.

When searching for ideas, I came across Lin's blog and I fell in love with this cute Love Birds theme and hence wanted to recreate it.

The borders are crimped using a crimped tool and I have added pearl embellishments and punched leaves . I used a transparent cover to protect the card :-)

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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Quilled flowers and a Handmade Paper frame

I made this Quilled flower frame few months back . I learnt to make Fringed flowers ( wasn't so good at it back then ) and quilled roses and I wanted to place it in a frame. There came to rescue- Inna's blog and her handmade paper frame tutorial- Inna's creations . 

I made a paper frame based on the measurements in the blog . I guess I used a 120 gsm cardstock back then. I love the way it has turned out :-) 

I also felt that using a heavier cardstock ( 180 gsm and above) would be sturdy enough and ideal for gifting purposes. 

Materials Used :

White Cardstock (120 gsm)

3mm quilling strips in Red, Yellow and Lavender to make Fringed flowers

3mm quilling strips in Green to make leaves and scrolls

3mm quilling strips in Rose to make buds

10mm quilling strips in Red to make roses

Slotted quilling tool, glue, paper knife, measuring scale and scissors

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Thursday, May 15, 2014

My Quilling Journey with Morning Glory Trellis Card

 It was in 2012 that I came to know about this wonderful art form seeing some of my friends quilled creations . When I was searching online, I came across Inna Dorman's Increations blog . I was and am still mesmerized by her stunning quilled creations.Thus started my Quilling Journey. The next step was to buy the quilling tools and the books online.Thanks to Swagbucks and yfs research surveys for easy pocket money ;-)

Quilled Morning Glory Trellis flower project was adapted from the book of Quilled Flowers by Alli Bartkowski. This book has about 35 paper projects and this book is one among my favorite collections. Its a keepsake for newbie quilling artists.

I learnt the spiral technique from Inna's blog :-) and the overall project was fun to make :-)

Materials used :

3mm Precut Quilling strips in Blue, Light blue, Yellow , Ivory and Dark green/Forest green

7mm White Quilling strips  

Green cardstock

Slotted quilling tool and Glue

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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Quilled 3D Ganesha -the beginning !!

I have been quillling on and off , but this specific project of mine is close to my heart, my little Quilled Ganesha / Pillayar.  Lord Ganesha is often considered as the remover of obstacles and a Lord of Success . 

Quilled Ganesha/Pillayar - 3 D
I browsed for Quilled 3D Ganesha . Thank you folks for the amazing Ganesha collections :-) which inspired me to create one for me too.. I bumped onto a clay idol image of Lord Ganesha on the internet which transformed into this cute Quilled Ganesh. I gifted this to my brother to keep on his worktable.

Materials used :

5mm Paper strips - Red, Yellow

3mm Paper strips - Red 

Embellishments - Golden color bead string ,White Round pearl ,Rhinestones in Yellow,Blue,Red and Purple

Fabric glue and Slotted Quilling tool

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